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Zodiac Signs

There are twelve Zodiac sign and each sign is special. Each Zodiac sign has its own traits, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and attitudes towards people and life. Thus your particular zodiac sign plays a role in shaping your personality, emotions and even your love life. The twelve zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Most Importantly our professional astrologer can critically analyze your natal chart and special zodiac sign to study the placement of various cosmic bodies and their influence on your life.

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Aries (March 21-April 19)

The Aries symbol  is Ram and its element is fire. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. Aries are assertive, dynamic, competitive, impulsive and eager. Thus Aries are eager to grow individually throughout their life. Above all they are very competitive and will try their hardest to win.  Aries are big dreamers hence they also work hard to achieve their dream and will not stop until their dream comes true. It might seem hard to keep up with an Aries but if you can you’ll have a lifelong friend in them. Aries are very compatible with Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The Taurus symbol  is Bull and it’s an earth element sign. The ruling planet of this sign is Venus. Taurus sign people are hardworking, loyal, strong-minded, creative, patient and practical. They value trust and honesty. Also, they are smart, hard-working, trustworthy and firm keepers their promises. Taurus are very warm and hence good at making friends. They are very compatible with Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer.

Gemini (May 1-June 20)

The Gemini symbol is Twins and it’s an air sign. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury. People with Gemini signs are eloquent, curious, versatile, easygoing as well as expressive.  Gemini is the first dual sign of Zodiac thus they are known for having two different personalities.

They are fun-loving, enthusiastic and playful. Geminis are very good at blending among different groups. Hence they know how to have fun and they never let themselves or their company to get bored. They are most compatible with Aries, Leo and Libra.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The Cancer symbol is Crab and it’s a water sign. The ruling planet of cancer is the moon. People belonging to cancer signs are generally reserved, vulnerable, conservative, family-oriented and nurturing. Apart from this their major strengths of Cancer signs are intuition and emotional intelligence. Thus they are very loving and generous to their friends but  they can come off as rude to strangers. They are most compatible with Taurus, Pisces and Virgo.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The Leo symbol is a lion and it’s a fire sign. The ruling planet of Leo is the sun. They are passionate, confident, ambitious, enthusiastic, generous and in most cases born leaders.  Moreover Leo sign considered one of the warmest, generous and loyal signs. Also, they are very intelligent, courageous and hence possess a natural instinct to protect the less fortunate. They are often the center of the spotlight . They are also very proud like lions. Leos are very compatible with Libra and Aries.

Virgo (August 23 – September 21) 

The Virgo symbol is Maiden and it’s an earth symbol. The ruling planet of this sign is Mercury. Virgo signs are very efficient, organized, practical, analytical and grounded. They are also very compassionate, kind and relationship-oriented.  Apart from this, they try their best to avoid conflicts and try their best to mend relationships. Last but not least, they are also very much concerned about their public image. Virgo signs are most compatible with Sagittarius as well as Cancer.

Libra (September 22-October 20)  

The Libra symbol  is Scales and it’s an air sign. Its ruling planet is Venus. Libras are diplomatic, determined, fair-minded, generous and social. Besides this, they desire stability, peace and justice and they value independence in every aspect of life. Moreover, they desire to have balance as well as harmony between love and professional life. People who have this zodiac sign are very disciplined. In addition to this, they always follow a plan to achieve their goals. They are most compatible with Leo and Gemini.

Scorpio (October 21- November 20)   

The Scorpio symbol is Scorpion and it’s a water sign. Its ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.  In Fact, Scorpios are magnetic, stubborn, controlling, intense, brave and passionate. They are also resourceful, passionate and unafraid.  Plus, they also love genuine people and despise fake ones. People with this zodiac sign love debates as well as controversies. Scorpio can seem intimidating but they are very true to their feelings and emotions. They are very compatible with Cancer and Virgo.

Sagittarius (November 21- December 21) 

The Sagittarius symbol is Archer and it’s a fire sign. Its ruling planet is Jupiter. Sagittarius sign is extroverted, adventurer, optimistic, funny and generous. They are also stubborn, strong-willed and independent. Furthermore, Sagittarius also love traveling and exploration. They are truthful, soft-hearted and  generous. In addition, they are imaginative and very truthful because of which they can seem cold. They are very compatible with Aries, Leo as well as Libra.

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)

The Capricorn symbol is Sea-Goat and it’s an earth sign. Its ruling planet is Saturn. Capricorn sign is patient, responsible, disciplined, tenacious, authoritative and stubborn. Furthermore, they can come off as cold and stiff because of their stubbornness but once they open up you’ll have friends for life in them. People belonging to this sign are very dedicated to their goals and always keep promises. In addition to this, they are the embodiment of calmness and stability. They are compatible with Virgo and Taurus.

Aquarius (January 21- February 18)

The Aquarius symbol  is Water-bearer and it’s an air sign. Its ruling planet is Uranus. They are deep, independent, imaginative, uncompromising, progressive and objective. They are often intelligent, introvert and truthful. Moreover, Aquarius don’t like labels. They are always focused on their self-growth in addition to self-improvement. They are very compatible with Sagittarius and Libra.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The Pisces symbol is the two fish and it’s a water sign. Its ruling planet is Neptune. Firstly, Pisces are imaginative, self-expressive, empathetic, wise, affectionate and artistic. Secondly, they are also dreamy, imaginative and psychic. They are creative and very aesthetic. In addition, they are deeply intelligent and therefore very sensitive to the emotions of others. Pisces are rather introverted hence their imagination keeps them accompany so they rarely ever feel lonely. They are most compatible with Virgo as well as Cancer signs.

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